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The best stop smoking programs help smokers to quit and stay stopped for longer!

There is no doubt...

Research - Scientists have proven, time and again, that cessation programs substantially improve your chances of quitting and avoiding relapse in the long run.

Experience - I've tried several different ways to give up (a 25+ cigarettes a day habit for over 20 years) and I had far greater success when I had help than when I tried stopping on my own.

Feedback - I have been lucky enough to hear from T-H-O-U-S-A-N-D-S of smokers since 2002 when I began as an editor and the testimonials I have received about the efficacy of various methods have led me to the same overwhelming conclusion.

To help with giving up for good - smokers need cessation programs that 'just work'...

...proven products, processes and techniques that meet a variety of individual needs.

And that, pretty much, is what this site is all about: providing tips and information to help smokers share, evaluate and decide upon the best methods to quit for them.

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What is the Absolute Best Way to Quit?

Sharing feedback about the effectiveness of stop smoking programs and methods is an important part of what we do and your experiences may provide critical insights for others. So...

Whether you've stopped successfully or failed dismally, please do take a few moments to rate and review programs, share your stories and have your say about what works best.

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